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Services Offered

Bright Creative is primarily a web and graphic design studio. I build things that are simultaneously beautiful and functional. If it’s visual, I do it. If it lives on the web, even better.

What do I create?

An ideal set of deliverables from my standpoint would be design of the overall look and feel for a site or application, perhaps some icon work, then coding the front-end XHTML/CSS templates and allowing someone from your company — or a third party contractor — to handle the technical implementation of those templates.

Logos and Brand Identities, Site and Application UI Design, Printed Material, CMS Setup and Integration, XHTML and CSS Templates

Additionally, tasks like light scripting, content management system setup, usability design, and information architecture are possible if the conditions allow it. I’ve got a good head for what works on the web and what doesn’t. I’m well-versed in multiple templating languages from a variety of CMSes (including plain old PHP), and have a good handle on basic usability design and information architecture planning.

However, projects that require more formalized application programming, usability testing, or information architecture should involve a third party that specializes in that area.

As you might suspect from my involvement with the css Zen Garden, my coding work is all W3C-friendly. Web Standards like XHTML and CSS ensure content will be available to the widest possible audience thanks to improved accessibility, support for mobile devices, and continued access in even the oldest browsers.

How do I work?

Most projects require a certain amount of custom process and back and forth that’s very difficult to plan out ahead of time. That said, a general outline of a typical design project might look something like this:

  1. Discovery and analysis

    Learning about your company and product/service, figuring out the goals of the design project, and planning a set of deliverables.

  2. Proposal

    From the discovery, generate a proposal to address your requirements. If you’re happy with it, we commit to working together.

  3. Initial design

    Taking what’s been learned in the previous steps and coming up with an initial set of mockups that address as many of those issues as possible.

  4. Feedback and refinement

    A predetermined number of rounds where you provide feedback, I make revisions to the initial design, you provide more feedback, I revise more, etc. Repeat until we’re all happy, or the predetermined rounds end, whichever come first. (And of course, in the latter instance, we’d talk about further work if it comes to that. Lucky for all of us, it rarely does.)

  5. Coding and implementation

    Once the design is finalized, I build out the templates and someone implements them. (Sometimes that someone is me, often it’s you or your people.) In many projects, at this point there will be further changes to the initial templates that require extra work; these usually come in the form of extra pages, templates, or content styling that came about after the initial deliverables have been determined. It’s common that we don’t have a clear picture of what all is needed at the beginning of the project, and closer to the end that becomes much more obvious.

  6. Final Pass

    After everything’s “done”, we do a quick review to make sure it all looks and works the way it should.

But keep in mind this is a general guideline. Once started, most projects tend to dictate their own process. And that’s okay too.

How quickly can I get it done?

A comfortable time frame is somewhere between one and three months from start to finish, and a month or two of lead time before kicking it off is always good.

The words “tight timeline” usually mean I have to pass, but never say never. If your project is particularly attractive and I have an appropriately-sized hole in my schedule, things may be more flexible.

How much do I charge?

Depends on the work… Okay, here’s a real answer: most of my budgets typically run between $5,000 and $25,000.

I consider only very quick, very basic projects for the lower end of that range, and anything above the higher end likely requires more people and capacity than I can provide.