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Cloud hosting provider Joyent approached myself and fellow designer Chris Glass to tackle a rebranding and redesign of their core product offerings in early 2010.

Working collaboratively we both contributed work to create a large body of design collateral for the company, both online and off. Notably, we used the Processing language during our design process to produce a distinctive circled pattern which forms the basis for various marks used across all materials.

iPhone App Icon


Software developers Steam Clock Software had developed their first product and were in need of an attractive application icon to stand out from the pack in the iTunes App Store.

After evaluating competitors and spending time focusing on a visual metaphor, design time was spent focusing on the fine details of each element in the icon. A highly realistic look was achieved with careful attention to lighting and textures.



An industry one might not typically associate with cutting-edge web software, IIS provides remote image capturing services for the transportation industry. Bright Creative was approached to build a fresh user interface for their intranet-based vehicle tracking software.

Working closely with IIS netted valuable insights into their customers' needs, resulting in a series of screens and dialogs that accommodate a wide range of possible usage scenarios.


2008 – 2009

Local Vancouver software company Nitobi is kicking ass and taking names in the open source world, first with their Complete UI components, and more recently with the PhoneGap mobile development toolkit.

Working with these brilliant hackers led to some great visual opportunities for interesting page layout variations, dynamic script effects (don’t miss the home page navigation), and custom illustration in the form of major section headers being collaged and hand-painted in Photoshop.



Bugzilla is open source bug tracking software from Mozilla, the same organization the brings you such favourites as Firefox and Thunderbird.

During a 2003 redesign of the web site, I created an illustration for the Bugzilla system that went on to become the official logo/mascot. In 2008 I approached the organization to do some refinement work and produce a few full-body poses for the bug. Here are the results.

Rosenfeld Media

2006 – Ongoing

Rosenfeld Media is a well-established publishing company with fresh ideas for the User Experience industry. Bright Creative has been directly involved from the very start, doing everything from designing the corporate visual identity and printed materials to designing and developing multiple web properties.

One of the highlights of the Rosenfeld Media site is the multiple weblogs for signed authors, which allow them to communicate with their potential audience before, during, and after the writing process.

Custom Icon Design Previews

Custom Icon Design

2005 - 2010

Over the years Bright Creative has been contracted to design custom icons for various web, software, and mobile applications. Here are a few examples.

In order: SlideShowPro expansion pack icons, Komodo IDE toolbar icons, a series of events-related icons for an iPhone application, and a series of tiny icons for the mobile version of a large social site owned by some random billionaire’s media company.

Sprungg Site Design


Sprungg was an ambitious project that aimed to track trends as they spread across the globe, and create a “cool index” as users spotted or set trends of their own. Bright Creative was brought in to design the site and branding, and provide interaction and site architecture advice.

Bright Creative’s work featured a bold organic design intended to complement the eclectic nature of the site’s content, along with a header trend collage that changed over time. (site since changed)

CityFile Site Design


Bright Creative was brought in to avert an outsourcing crisis with this mini–project in mid–2007.

Though the work performed was a simple graphic refresh of pre-existing templates, the result was a more professional design that tightly integrated with the existing content and branding. (site since changed)

Chalkwork Icon Design

2007 – Ongoing

Beginning life as a simple personal project to get reacquainted with illustration, the Chalkwork icon family has grown to over 1,800 icons over the past few years.

Seven individual icon sets cover many common web and software-related ideas and actions, and the entire family is unified by a common visual style and colour palette. Available in multiple sizes, from 16x16 pixels up to resolution-independent vector.

Google Page Creator


Google Page Creator is one of the search engine giant’s many non-search offerings. Launched in late 2005, Bright Creative developed a web templating system and worked with contractors Cameron Moll and Veerle Pieters to produce a series of flexible, good-looking designs that would adapt to the many needs of Pages’ users.

Each of five base design treatments received five colour variations, five layout variations, and five typographic treatments, resulting in a total of 625 possible design configurations.

Various Logos


But it’s not all web, all the time. Bright Creative has also been involved in designing multiple company and product identities and logos over the years. Here’s a sampling.

For more illustration work by Dave Shea, make sure to see the Chalkwork royalty-free stock icon collection over at mezzoblue.

Proto Software Site Design


Proto Software produces a financial data visualization application. Bright Creative was hired to build their first public-facing web site, as well as advanced features for logged-in users.

Part of the project involved taking an existing logo and typeface and extending it to create a more complete brand identity for the site.(site since changed)

Blogger Templates


For their big 2004 Blogger relaunch, Google contracted a number of well-known visual designers (through San Francisco-based Stopdesign) to create new default blog templates.

Alongside some of the best in the business, folks like Douglas Bowman, Dan Cederholm, Todd Dominey, Dan Rubin, and Jeffrey Zeldman, Bright Creative’s contribution included three variations on a theme, dubbed Snapshot Madder, Sable, and Tequila. Four years later and they’re still showing up all over the web!

New York University Intranet


One of Bright Creative’s very first projects, New York University needed a redesign for their NYU Home school-wide intranet.

Working with the school’s IT and marketing departments to establish look and feel, heavy emphasis was placed on working within existing NYU branding guidelines.

Six Apart Mixed Media Templates


The creators of the popular Movable Type and TypePad weblogging software approached Bright Creative to build a series of templates for the launch of a new mobile service.

Seven styles were designed, then coded to be compatible with five layout variations, for a total of 35 possible combinations. All this in two weeks. Hey, who needs sleep?

If you’ve read the services page already you know that the design work you see here is the core of what I offer my clients. But there’s a lot more I’m up to at any given time that doesn’t really fit; the Events and Publications sections track some of those other activities.

Check out Chalkwork

An ever-growing set of high quality stock icons by Bright Creative’s Dave Shea. See them at mezzoblue >